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Big Weekend Of Markets

Last weekend was a massive one for Upswitch, firstly with 'The Upmarket' on Saturday, held at Southbank's ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art). A lovely market jam packed with incredible food stalls and about 30-40 local and rural designers/makers. Looking forward to returning to The Upmarket next year.

Then Sunday was the big one, with 'Melbourne Design Market' held at Federation Square. Featuring 50 of Melbourne's best designers, I was honoured to be a part of it. I'd spent many sleepless nights preparing for the stall, producing enough stock and uprading the stall display (new 'Upswitch' sign and display boxes). It was an amazing day, with so many people stopping by my stall, taking photos and lots of great feedback on all of my lamps. It was so busy that I only spent about 10 minutes looking around at the other stalls right at the end of the day - some amazing makers and designers on offer, including Leanne Coates (Cavaletti Clothing), B.Dakin homewares, Urban Cartel, Hew and loads more!

The market is held twice a year, and I can already tell you that Upswitch will definitely be back at the next one!

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