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About Upswitch

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Upswitch brings old forgotten objects back to life by transforming them into lamps, lighting and homewares. Each piece is hand-made and is a one-off, its design informed by its original use and its own distinct character.

Upswitch is the brainchild of Michael Hanley who has had a lifelong fascination with old ‘stuff’ that has been made redundant by ever-changing technology and been condemned to the scrapheap. With Upswitch, he has turned this fascination into a passion: reclaiming otherwise unloved items and giving them new life.


So while some may see a rusty electrical meter or an old gumball machine, Michael sees a robot lamp or a quirky floor light. His imagination shines in every piece he creates.

After years of practise rummaging through markets, op-shops, garage sales and hard rubbish, Mister Upswitch has found the knack for sourcing just about any old thingamebob you can think of.


Upswitch will also create a bespoke lamp for you utilising an object which has special significance to you, or by sourcing objects on request and reinventing them especially for you. 


The end result is a highly personal piece that will add charm and character to your home.

Michael Hanley started Upswitch in 2015
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