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Vintage Crystal Decanter Lamp
These beautiful vintage cut glass decanters, circa 1970-90s are now transformed into a one-of-a-kind lamp with impressive results!✨
The cut glass pattern and array of LED fairy lights combine to throw a lovely light onto the surface it sits upon. This piece is sure to be the feature of whatever room it’s in! Apparently nearly everyone’s parents had one of these decanters tucked away in their cupboards back in the day. 
They were often given as a wedding gift, and less often used for housing spirits as they were originally intended. Now it’s dusted off and given another life, ready to be utilised in its new light form.
This lamp runs with a USB power adapter (included), and has a 2 metre black cord with an inline switch.

Please note: each decanter lamp will vary slightly from those pictured. Once your order is placed we will send you photo's of our current stock to choose from.

Vintage Crystal Decanter Lamp

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