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The Pillars of Society - Folding Book Lamp
The Pillars of Society - Henrik Ibsen
A wonderful antique ‘Scott Library’ book, which wouldn’t look out of place in an early 1900s library or science lab. Lovely gold edging and details, with some scratch markings on the front. Fit for a philosopher, Historian or Anthropologist.

Our Folding Book Lamps are fully portable, USB rechargeable (cable included), and last for approx 6-8 hours of continuous use. Each one is hand made using a genuine vintage book cover, which turns on when opened and off when closed. Their warm glow adds a lovely ambience to any space, and can easily be stored on a narrow shelf or bedside table! They're the perfect night light, also great for travel, camping and fort building.

This book is a small size, and is approx 12cm W x 18cm H

The Pillars of Society - Folding Book Lamp

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