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Retro Records Table Lamp

There’s nothing quite like music to set the mood, and this reclaimed records lamp will add even more mojo to your listening lounge.

With its sleek vinyl surface, silver/aluminium legs and glowing inner tube, it’s sure to be a number one hit for the music lover in your life! It can even double up as a small shelf whilst it subtly lights up the room.


Please note: The specific records used will vary slightly. Contact us for further information before ordering if you would like us to use custom records to give it a more personalised touch.


Dimensions (approx) -

Height - 35cm

Width - 30cm

Depth - 30cm


Each Upswitch lamp comes with a 4W LED 12V bulb and includes a one year warranty. Our LED bulbs are rated to last for up to 20,000 hours, so with approx 5 hours usage each day, they will last for up to 10 years! Spare bulbs can be purchased through our website.

Retro Records Table Lamp

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