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Folding Book Lamps - From

Our latest Upswitch addition is a handy little number, perfect for late night reading or anywhere you can carry it! The portable book lamp has a USB rechargeable battery, and lasts for approx 6-8 hours of continuous use. Every 'Portabook' is made using a genuine vintage book cover, and conveniently turns on when opened and off when closed.


It's warm glow adds a lovely ambience to the room, and it can easily be stored on your book shelf or bag!

The portable book lamp comes in two sizes -


Small and Large Dimensions - Small - approx 12cm x 18cm Large - approx 13cm x 21cm If you have a preference for a particular size, please make a comment in your order notes.

We will try to accomodate, however this depends on the availability of current stock. Once your order has been placed, we will send you pictures of approx 5 book covers to choose from.

Folding Book Lamps - From

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