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Industrial Black Telephone Lamp

Here’s one that’s sure to create a buzz about the place! The Upswitch Industrial Telephone Lamp is made from a 1950s black bakelite rotary dial phone.

A classic collectors piece in their own right, which makes for an even cooler functional lamp! This fun and unique lamp features an adjustable gooseneck arm holding up the ‘levitating’ handset, a vintage style toggle on/off switch, and a 2 metre long black cable📞

Great for the study, bedside, man cave or to add a talking point to your lounge.


Each Phone Lamp comes with 2 x 2W LED 12V bulbs (4 watts total).


Dimensions (approx) -

Height - 38cm

Width - 22cm

Depth - 17cm


Each Upswitch telephone lamp comes with two 2W LED 12V bulbs and includes a one year warranty. Our LED bulbs are rated to last for up to 20,000 hours, so with approx 5 hours usage each day, they will last for up to 10 years! Spare bulbs can be purchased through our website.


Be sure to check out our other listings for more unique and whimsical upcycled lamps, including some made from retro 1970-80s phones💡

Industrial Black Telephone Lamp

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