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Found Object Time Machine Lamp - 'Wilcolator'

Get ready to step back in time, or transport yourself to another dimension, with this particlarly useful Time Machine.

Recycled components include an old pie warmer box/dial, antique oil heater components (wheels/bling) and a boat propellor, it's a kooky little thing that will start up a long list of questions from any visitors.

Additional 'Lamp' features include a nickel coated lampholder, dimmer knob, red 'indicator' light and a vintage toggle on/off switch.

WARNING: Don't turn up the dial too much or you might become motion sick from the time warp!


Dimensions - (approx)

Height - 38cm

Width -  23cm

Depth - 23cm


Each Upswitch lamp comes with a 4W LED 12V bulb and includes a one year warranty. Our LED bulbs are rated to last for up to 20,000 hours, so with approx 5 hours usage each day, they will last for up to 10 years! Spare bulbs can be purchased through our website.

Found Object Time Machine Lamp - 'Wilcolator'

$595.00 Regular Price
$495.00Sale Price
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