Deluxe Folding Camera Lamp

Gone are the good old days when photo's were developed, printed, framed and put on the mantle piece! But we've given a new purpose to these historical gems, in the form of a characterful delight fit for anyone from amateur to professional. Each lamp is handmade, with a book for a base to give extra stability and charm. Snap one up today for that someone special, or to add to your own mantle piece collection.


The specific model of the camera will differ slightly to those pictured - most folding cameras are made by Kodak or Ensign.

All lamps come with one 4W LED 12V bulb. Bulbs are rated to last for 20,000+ hours - with approx 5 hours usage each day, they will last for up to 10 years!

Deluxe Folding Camera Lamp

$395.00 Regular Price
$345.00Sale Price
Bulb shape
Book colour

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