Portable Cigar Box Lamp

This born-again Cigar box is a neat little number, and is sure to impress your dinner guests come supper time. Tucked away inside an authentic vintage cigar box is a paper lantern lamp, giving off an ambient warm glow when you simpy open the lid.


With no cords attached and a USB rechargeable battery installed, it makes for a fully portable light source. No smoke, no mirrors.


With charm and character in abundance, it would sit perfectly upon the mantlepiece, as a nightlight for bedside, or in the study nook away from a power source. It can follow you wherever you go, or become your beacon emergency light when power is out.


Please note: each cigar box will vary slightly from those pictured. Once your order is placed we will send you photo's of our current stock to choose from.

Portable Cigar Box Lamp