The Adventurous Four - Folding Book Lamp

The Adventurous Four - Enid Blyton

Not quite the Famous Five or the Secret Seven, but the lesser known Adventurous Four were still a hoot! Perhaps you know someone full of adventure who needs a travelling lamp to light the way.


Our Folding Book Lamps are fully portable, USB rechargeable (cable included), and last for approx 6-8 hours of continuous use. Each one is hand made using a genuine vintage book cover, which turns on when opened and off when closed. Their warm glow adds a lovely ambience to any space, and can easily be stored on a narrow shelf or bedside table! They're the perfect night light, also great for travel, camping and fort building. This book is a small size, and is approx 12cm W x 18cm H

The Adventurous Four - Folding Book Lamp


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